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We are a Canadian Immigration Firm specialized in handling your immigration matters, representing both local and international clients.

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There are currently more than 40 different programs for the Canadian Immigration system, everyone's path is unique and different to them. Let us asses the most suitable path for you.

Work in Canada

The Canadian economy continues to flourish as it is one of the biggest and most developed economies in the world.

Family Class

We know how important family is to you, let our expertise help you reunite with your love ones.

Visitor Visa

Canada prides itself on being a multicultural country which recognizes and values all nationalities and races.

Study in Canada

VISACANA is dedicated to delivering quality service and support to prospective students willing to study in Canada.

Overcoming Inadmissibility

A criminal record has many negative effects. Prevent you from entering Canada is just one of them. Let us represent you in the rehabilitation process.

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As a family, as for many others, the process of migrating to Canada arose in response to the desire to offer our children and ourselves a future with new and better opportunities, in the midst of that process where we were heading towards the unknown , VISACANA Immigration firm staff was a crucial instrument. They offered us professional services, and in turn made it clear to us which was the immigration option that best suited our particular case. However, the most valuable part of this experience was the warm and sincere accompaniment offered us during this process, where you can easily lose heart. We greatly appreciate having started this long journey with VISACANA Immigration Firm and having successfully completed it.

Dr. Leticia Venis Romero

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IELTS Sample Test

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English is one the basic requirements to come to Canada. In order to self-test your level take this free sample sponsored by IELTS organization :

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Residencia Canadiense para Professionales

Express Entry es un sistema de selección para la inmigración canadiense, diseñado para seleccionar trabajadores calificados para la inmigración a Canadá.
Express Entry es un proceso completamente electrónico que involucra al gobierno federal, los gobiernos provinciales y los empleadores canadienses.

Para poder asesorarle mejor, llene nuestro FREE ASSESSMENT e incluya su curriculum.

Refugee/ Asylum/Protection Application at the Port of Entry


You can apply for refugee status at any port of entry. This means an airport, seaport or land border.

The officer you make your refugee claim to will decide if your claim is eligible to be referred to the IRB. If your claim is eligible you will:

  • be given a date for your IRB hearing, and
  • have 15 days to complete all forms in the application package and submit them to the IRB
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